About the jewelry

“Using  materials from her native Colombia, Lula personally  designs all of her collection in which many   are one of a kind pieces.

The look she creates is a totally new concept for the  Fashion  industry due  to distinctive shapes and forms that nature bestows upon her materials. With her keen eye for design, Lula  takes  these exotic materials and turns them into unrivaled pieces of jewelry. For example  such materials used are a natural biodegradable  Tagua nut which is an oval shaped nut from a palm tree, often called vegetable ivory, or citrus rind which is another natural product and  allows her to create aromatic  beautiful necklaces  and bracelets.   Using Bombona, Acai and Camajuro seeds that come from the Amazon rain forest, she is able to create modern,  geometric items that are wearable  pieces of art”.



Tagua is a palm tree nut considered the vegetable Ivory. It grows in pods named "cabezas" and are well known for its hard but smooth texture. Dryes itself and  it doesn't create allergic reactions.


Citrus rinds are collected from a local  juice bar. They are thoroughly peeled, washed  and dye with natural dyes. On winter they are baked,  on summer they are sun dried.


Lima beans are rare bean with black or red spots that grow in South America. They harvest every three years. They are carefully baked and treated with natural preservatives.


Bombonas are medium size round palm tree nuts that grow in the Amazon rainforest in South America. Their futures  are similar to the Tagua nuts.


Açai seeds come from a tall Palm tree that grows in flooded areas in Brazil, commonly known for its fruit: The Açai berry. Their small size make them perfect for beading.


Jocaranda seed pods is the fruit of a tree that looks like a castanet, they grow in pair covering the seeds and harden itself.