“Using native materials from homeland, Castillo designs her pieces which many are one-of-a-kind.

The look is a totally new concept for the  Fashion  market due  to distinctive shapes and forms that nature bestows upon her materials. With her keen eye for design is how Castillo takes  exotic materials and turns them into unrivaled pieces of jewelry. For example natural biodegradable materials such a Tagua, an oval shaped nut from a palm tree, often called vegetable ivory, or citrus rind, another natural product, allows her to create aromatic  necklaces  and bracelets;  using Bombona, Acai andCamajuro seeds from the Amazon rainforest, she creates modern and geometric items that are wearable  pieces of art”.

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O r g a n i c     J e w e l ry

Citrus  peel

Acai seeds

Tagua nut